Subject: Mountain Races Rescheduled4/18/14

Due to another snow storm and never ending winter we will be rescheduling to races at Mountain on April 26 & 27 to the following dates. Hare Scrambles will be on Sunday May 4 and the Motocross will be on Sunday June 15. Thank You, Rick

Subject: WIXC New Rider Clinic Relocated4/16/14

Due to the weather conditions at Mountain we will be relocating the New Rider Clinic at the Dyracuse Recreation Area located 15 miles south of Wisconsin Rapids off of State Road 13 on County Road O.Dominic Petit has more details on our facebook page. If you have any questions please let us know. Thanks, Rick

Subject: Trail Sweerpers & Flaggers Needed 3/31/14

We need 3 or 4 trail sweepers for the upcoming Race at Mountain. We will need flaggers for the MX race at as well. Remember you will get first place points for working one event. Anyone interested in being a flagger on a regular basis will either get paid or we can do an exchange for race and gate fees. The races just can not happen without some help so it is very appreciated. Please email or call me if you are able to help. Thanks, Rick

Subject: Membership Dues/Annual Minor Release3/23/14

Just another remender that if you could please try to get your membership in before the first race it helps greatly to speed things up at registration. Also I have become a notary over the winter so I am able to notorize the Annual Minor release form for anyone that has children racing which safes you the time of filling out the minor release form at each event. Thank You, Rick

Subject: WIXC New Rider Clinic3/15/14

WIXC Racing is holding a pre season rider clinic for beginner racers on April 19th in Mountain WI. Here you will learn the fundamentals of woods racing, along with the rules, and also some bike skill training. The event is open for both bik...e and quad racers wanting to get better at racing. The clinic is $25 which includes the days events, a certificate, bike skills training, and a tee shirt. Riders interested in coming for the skills training for practice are welcome to come in the afternoon for the $25 fee. We are also looking for a couple riders to help with the event and teach the beginners how to ride. If interested email Dominic Petit: or 920-428-2252

Subject: New WIMX (Wisconsin Motocross) Series 10/31/13

I am starting a new Motocross series for 2014 in addtion to WIXC. I have three common complaints from the MX riders. Race day is too long, Motos are too short and the cost is too high. I will eliminate all three of these problems. We will be running a split program which will give each group a short race day, somewhere in the 3 hour range per session. The motos will be 20 minutes and the cost will be $30 per class and all you will need is a $30 per year membership from RPA Offroad which allows you to race all of my Cross Country races and MX races. We also will offer a one day membership for only $15 for those not sure if they will be racing more than once. Another problem is not having a class for 125 two strokes which in my opinion is the growth of the sport since it gives a new person to the sport an affordable way to get involved and yet be competitive, so I will be offering a 150cc B and C class which covers anyone with a 144 kit. There will be 8 rounds for 2014 and I am working on two more tracks for 2015 with a goal of 12 races for 2015. 5 of the 8 races will be doubled up with my WIXC races, MX on Saturday and XC on Sunday. Please watch for updates. Thanks, Rick

Subject: 2014 RPA Membership Dues 12/18/13

To make things simple and to avoid riders having the same number starting for the 2014 season all memberhip dues will be $30 and will include a free barcode. Numbers will be on a first come basis, so if you want a specific number please send in your membership for 2014. MX numbers will be the same as your barcode number, so if you plan on racing the MX series you will need that number on your number plates. I will only be issuing one number from 1-999 for the MX and Cross Country series. I do not want riders having the same number to eliminate any chance of double numbers in any race. Thanks, Rick

Subject: Fly Contingency for 201412/21/13

We are excited to announce that the WIXC 2014 series will again have Contingency for any rider wearing Fly Racing Gear. All you need to do is register with myself that you will be wearing Fly Racing Gear for the 2014 season and compete in 7 or more events. Please contact me by phone or email. My contact information is or 920-905-9492. Thanks, Rick